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2015 Land Pride RC4015 Rotary Cutter #1138C

Category: Agricultural Mowers, Rotary Cutters, Mowers

Combine the rugged, heavy-duty gearboxes from our RC5615 Cutter and the proven dependable deck from our RC3615 Cutter and you get the new Land Pride RC4015. The RC4015 features a 15' cutting width, 3.5" cutting capacity and heavy-duty gearboxes. The RC4015 is a solid medium-duty cutter in a long line of quality folding cutters from Land Pride.

    • 1" Solid hinge rods - Larger diameter hinge rod gives greater strength to the cutter from front to rear, and in the hinge area itself.
    • 1/4" Sidewall thickness - Increased thickness reduces damage from objects being thrown into deck sidewalls.
    • 250 HP Divider gearbox and 210 HP wing gearboxes - They are rugged heavy built gearboxes capable of handling heavy cutting applications.
    • 3/16" Round stump jumper - Standard thick stump jumper material keeps damage to a minimum.
    • 5-Bolt hubs - 5-Bolt hubs makes the wheel assembly more durable and longer lasting.
    • 6" Blade overlap - Eliminates skipping during turns.
    • 7 Year gearbox warranty* - Shows confidence in gearbox integrity
    • Cat. 5 intermediate & Cat. 4 wing drivelines with slip-clutches - Driveline is sized right for the intended cutting capacity. Slip-clutch will slip under load instead of twisting the driveline.
    • Enclosed front to rear dual leveling rods - Dual leveling rods enable the cutter to pull equally on the rear axle during travel over rough terrain.
    • Factory assembled - Arrives for quick and easy set-up. Minimal time is wasted setting or prepping the unit.
    • Gearbox seal protection - Gearbox bottom seal protection for longer bearing life.
    • High blade tip speed (See Specifications for actual FPM) - Allows clean cutting of material
    • Hinged wing sections - Allows cutter to follow terrain. Ideal for rough ground where hillsides, ditches and hollows can cause uneven cutting.
    • Input driveline: Cat. 6 CV or Cat. 5 Conventional - Driveline is matched just right for capacity of tractor. Constant velocity (CV) U-joint allows for 80 degree turns without doing damage to the driveline.
    • Left wing rotates clockwise - Better discharge of material. Picks up tractor tracks.
    • Low tongue weight - Ideal for smaller HP tractors by reducing the amount of weight on the drawbar.
    • Narrow tongue construction - Allows for a tighter turning radius
    • Replaceable wheel spindles - Wheel spindles can be replaced when damaged without replacing entire axle assembly.
    • Self-leveling hitch - Reduces drawbar wear by keeping hitch level while going through ditches.
    • Slip-clutch drivelines - Slip-clutches are designed to slip to minimize twist damage to the driveline profiles.
    • Smooth Top Design - Allows for easy cleaning of deck.
    • Spring cushioned center-axle - Protects unit from bumps and ground shock.
    • Surpassed rugged industry standards - All Land Pride Rotary Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary testing procedures.
    • Wing transport locks - Wing transport locks securely hold the wings in the folded position in case of hydraulic failure.
    • Horsepower: (Min. PTO) 50
    • Driveline: (Input Driveline) ASAE Cat. 6 with constant velocity u-joint or Cat. 5 with conventional (non-cv) u-joint; (Intermediate Drivelines) Standard - Category 5 with Slip-Clutch ; (Wing Driveline) - Standard - Category 4 with Slip-Clutch
    • Axle: (Transport) Spring-cushioned on center transport axle ; (Hubs) Cast iron five-bolt hubs with tapered roller bearings and 1 3/4" shafts.
    • Blade Tip Speed: At 540 RPM Center Blades = 16,300 FPM & Wing Blades = 16,300 FPM ; At 1000 RPM Center Blades = 16,288 FPM & Wing Blades = 16,000 FPM
    • Cutting Capacity: 3.5"
    • Deck Height: 12”
    • Overall Length: (Overall) 15'-6" (With center deck raised fully up)
    • Overall Width: 15'-9”
    • Side Skirt: (Thickness) 1/4"
    • Transport Width: (Minimum) - 7’-11 3/4"
    • Weight: (Machine) Hitch = 1,300 lbs; Total = 3,730 lbs
    General Information
    • Hitch: (Types) Standard Clevis, Double Swivel Clevis, Bar-Tite, Ball or Pintle Hitch ; (Jack) Standard (5,000 lbs.)
    • Blades: 6 (2 per Carrier) 1/2” x 4” Heat Treated Free Swinging Alloy Steel with up lift; (Overlap) 6"; (Bolt) Keyed with hardened flat washer & lock nut ; (Stump Jumper/Blade Holder) 3/16" Thick round dish shaped pan, reinforced with 1" x 4" blade bar
    • Cutting Height: 2”- 14”
    • Cutting Width: 15’-0"
    • Deck Material: (Thickness) 10 Gauge
    • Gear Box: 540 RPM or 1000 RPM; 250 HP Divider; 210 HP Center & Wings; (Lubrication) Gear Lube 80-90w EP; (Capacity) Splitter: 3.5 pints; Center deck & Wings: 6 pints
    • Lift: (Hydraulics) 3" x 8" hydraulic cylinder, hoses, fittings & stroke control spacers
    • Skid Shoe: Wing Deck: 1 Replaceable per Wing; Center Deck: 2 Replaceable Shoes
    • Standard: (Hitch Type) Clevis ; (Hitch Jack) 5,000 lbs. ; (Intermediate & Wing Drivelines) Category 4 with Slip-Clutch
    • Warranty: Overall Unit and Driveline: One year Parts and Labor/Gearbox: Seven years on Parts and Labor. One Year on seals and bearings/Hydraulic Cylinders: One year Parts and Labor/Hoses and Seals: Considered wear items/Blades, tires and driveline friction discs: Considered wear items (see complete Warranty Statement).
    • Wings: (Hydraulics) 2 1/2" x 12" hydraulic cylinders, hoses & fittings; (Transport Protection) Wing Transport Locks

    (Machine) Hitch = 1,300 lbs; Total = 3,730 lbs
    Recommended HP
    (Min. PTO) 50





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